The Removalists, Act Two Essay Example

Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Hello and welcome to the set of ‘the removalists.’ Congratulations for you are the lucky people that have made it through the auditions. After reading through the script some of you may be wondering * Is law and order based on violence?

* Do all Australians have aggressive instincts?
That is why today we will be focusing on one of the later scenes in Act two, I have chosen this particular scene for today because it represents and portrays the corruption and violence of the Australian culture. But firstly a bit of background information, ‘The Removalists’ was written by David Williamson and was first performed in 1971, it is a humorous play that focuses on the violence issues amongst society in the early seventies and represents different aspects of the Australian Culture such as the classic ‘laid-back’ attitude, sexism and of course violence. Every character in this play represents a different part of society, for example ‘Sergeant Simmonds’ who is described as ‘fat and fiftyish’ represents police corruption and abuse of power whereas ‘Fiona Carter’ the victim in this play represents the feminist movement of the time and the changing roles of men and women in society. Even though the play only displays workplace and domestic violence, violence is all through the Australian culture and is even socially acceptable such as at sporting events where fans trying to support their team challenge supporters of the opposing team which in some cases include violent threats and attacks. The Australian culture also promotes violence by celebrating and commemorating ‘Anzac Day’ which is a day in memory of one of the most brutal wars in history. The vulgar slang used in this play also contributes to the Australian values and attitudes of the time. The scene we will be rehearsing today is hands-down the most violent scene in the play, it includes the bashing of ‘Kenny’ who is just an everyday working class Australian Larrikin. Kenny gets bashed by Constable...
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