The Pros and Cons of Plastic Use

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Sandra Lawson
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Jen Heckler
To Use or Not to Use Plastic Grocery Bags an d Plastic Drinking Bottles. Most people if asked would say that they want to do the correct thing when it comes to their plastic waste. Every day the human race throws out millions of pounds of toxic waste in the form of plastic drink bottles and plastic grocery bags, for the most part, we do not do this maliciously; most people just do not know where to dispose of it other than the wastebaskets especially, when not at home. As a human race, we need to come up with a solution that will not only encourage the recycling of all plastics but also, reward the people that are willing to look for new ideas and products that will work as well if not better than what we use at this time. We need to wake up and start to get serious about recycling our plastic waste a good place to start is in our homes then get involved with the programs in our Cities and Counties. We need to mandate recycling All the while looking into producing different types of plastics like Bio Plastics, so that we can eliminate the use of petroleum-based plastics. All though am aware, of the pollution that using plastics causes I am just as guilty of using plastic water bottles and grocery bags as others. One of the reasons is that it is very convenient to use them. Many of us have plastic bags in our houses tucked in various places all over I know that I do. We need to take the bags we have back to the store or find a way to recycle them. With billions of plastic bags, and bottles used each year, recycling is essential. The plastic bags that people refer to when talking about the environmental problem are the lightweight disposable bags that are given away by supermarkets, markets, and shops. These are the Lightweight plastic bags, that have been designed for a single use, and are often given away free. So most people just take them home and throw them out in the trash. Instead of doing the one thing that can help and that is recycle them. Here are a few of the Pros for the continued use of plastic bags. For retailers, one huge advantage of plastic bags is that they are less expensive to produce then other types of bags. Plastic bags take less energy to make, ship, and recycle. Plastic bags cause less air and water pollution because they compress to a small size in landfills. They can be a clean method container for transporting food products and preventing food borne illness. Plastic bags are reusable as trash bags or bin bags. In addition, plastic bags can be recycled. Tina Dines stated, “According to The New York Times, a standard plastic grocery bag costs only about a penny to produce this is a much more affordable bag for the merchants to use.” (Deins, 03) The cons for the use of plastic grocery bags According to The New York Times, “only 5.2 percent of plastic bags in the United States' were recycled in 2005. In comparison, paper bags were recycled about 21 percent of the time.” (Deins, 03) Plastic shopping bags created from petroleum and other chemicals, and when disposed of improperly, they are ugly to look at and many forms of wildlife mistake them for food this will endanger them. According to Reuters, 12 million barrels of oil are needed to produce plastic bags that are used each year. Plastics do not easily break down in a landfill. “They can be very dangerous to animals and can cause infants to suffocate which has been a known problem for years when not disposed of properly.” (Dell03) We need to work on making more biodegradable plastic bags and bottles. One of the major concerns about biodegradable bags and bottles is that, if they are not disposed of correctly, they will not decompose in the landfill. Some biodegradable plastics will not decompose if not exposed to light or oxygen; this as well means they may not decompose in landfills. Kristina Dell, a reporter, for Time Magazine wrote regarding Plastics “A...

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