the peer pressure

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When there is peer pressure, it tends to form cliques of friends, and when cliques form, people can have relationships and might gossip about someone who is alone He might feel pressured and stressed about their peers when they ask them to do certain things that are bad, and might have consequences. (

Many people think that peer pressure is always influencing teens defectively, but that's not true. Actually there are positive effects too. When it comes to improving learning and memory, motivation is way ahead of whatever is in second place. People will learn when they want to learn. Even in the face of bad textbooks, and bad schools, motivated students will learn. Motivation is something that energizes, directs, and sustains behavior. It gets students moving, points them in a particular direction, and keeps them going. The interview was conducted and out of 20 respondents four of them said that motivation to learn is one of the common good effect on peer pressure. One of them said that with peer pressure, it encouraged him to learn and discover new things with his peers who are ambitious,motivated to achieve academic success, and determined to learn. Peer pressure motivates him to perform at peak levels. When colleagues know his performance and contributions affects someone else, he's more likely to feel that there is a need to step up efforts so he won't feel down.

Peer pressure can motivate towards good as well. This positive influence is everywhere but some don't realize it. Influences from church, community groups, mentors, and other positive family members can bring about the motivation to improve one's self. Motivation directs behavior toward particular goals, thus, it affects the choices teens make. Motivation also increases the amount of effort and energy that teens expend in activities directly related to their needs and goals ,it determines whether they will pursue a task...
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