The Lee Norse Case

Topics: Management, Logistics, Transport Pages: 1 (635 words) Published: September 23, 2014
INTM 543
The Lee Norse Case
Mengyun Li
What do you do in the first 60 days?
To develop and implement a new organizational plan, I should have a good knowledge of company current situation. So the steps will be: research, analyze, plan and communicate. Firstly, a overall and detail research according to organization, purchasing activities and finance should be taken. As there are three plants located in different state and every plan has their own Purchasing manager, clerical staff and line of machines, this would be a tough job. Does every plan need so many staffs? Will it be more economical if centralize the purchasing compared with the warehousing fees? Once get the data, a analysis focus on organization and save money should be conducted. Just as mentioned above, the core problems are if the organizational plan benefits company most and if there is any activity to save money, such as decreasing the staff number. With ERP or other analysis tool, it is possible to get an objective result. Then, it is time to plan how to develop and implement the new organizational plan and save money. On the basis of the research and the data and the consideration of the benefit of company and the staffs, reorganization may make sense. All of the activities I should do in the first 60 days are tough work. And among this, communication is the most important part. How to make the staffs in all the departments cooperate is of great significance. What relationships will be critical to your success?

When it comes to reorganization, relationship between I and all the departments are crucial. Since, the reorganization emphasize on purchasing, the relationship between I and suppliers, purchasing manager, buyers, clerical staff is critical. Good communication with suppliers contributes to having a good knowledge of the commodities, which is useful to know how to reduce the cost. Purchasing manager knows the market well. It is effective to get some information about...
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