The Influence Music Has on Society Essay Example

Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Chantal Foster
College writing
21 October 2012
The influence music has on society
Music has been around for thousands of years. Many people have been shaped from it differently. For some music has been a bad influence, and others it’s been a good influence. Different types of music have grown rapidly in these past few years. Throughout the years music has changed the way it influences people. In earlier years music was used more for celebration and now music is used to voice your opinion and try to influence your audience to believe what you stand for. Music is usually one of the highly blamed sources for the influences on society today. Many people are influenced by music they listen to. Mostly because they want to copy their favorite artist or because they feel that’s a way of expressing themselves and fitting in with the people that are into the same music. It’s also a way to find similar things to other people who listen to different music. Music influences how people act, what people do and our religion. Some ways that society has been influenced by music is, for example music can dictate how a person speaks. In most rap songs its most rappers rap with mostly slang words, so most people think it’s cool to talk just like them. Some slang words that rappers would use that society uses today are “crib” which means house and most people use that slang today. Then society talks like them and stick to talking like that for the rest of their life, and that makes them the person they are today. Another way music has influenced society is the way society dresses. For example, in some music videos rappers have on baggy jeans, showing their draws. Most people watch those videos and get ideas from it, and start dressing just like them. In some songs the artists has a certain style of clothing that looks really nice. This could be a good inspiration on society. Many people try to dress nice like them, and set a style for their selves. For example an artist...
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