The Importance of Meeting Minutes

Topics: Meeting, Meetings, Agenda Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Unit 209:
1.1) the purpose of meetings is so that it gives people a chance to catch up in private with time put aside for any issues they have. Whereas just sat at your desk it’s easy to get distracted and not give yourself anytime to review the topics that need looking at. For example team meetings are useful because it gives the whole team a change to get together and discuss anything they have to raise or let the team know something important all at once when everyone is available. 1.2) organisational requirements that apply when taking minutes are that they should reflect everything important issue discussed in the meeting. Also we have a template to use when typing up any minutes which follows the list of items on the agenda. In order to take minutes in an efficient manner, you need to have the template ready based on the agenda items. Leave plenty of space to write down notes as the meeting goes on. This will help you to not get confused and move across items smoothly as the meeting goes on. 1.3) the purpose or taking minutes is to help stop situations of he said she said, in case you ever may have a legal problem. Also they help review what you discussed in detail without anything being forgotten, and it allows you to follow up in the future of any decisions that were made and that things to be completed are recorded.  1.4) Meeting documents are created when a team or personal meeting is arranged with more than 2 people. The 3 main documents we use are notice of meeting, agenda & the final draft of minutes. 2.1) the role of the Chair is to ensure that an accurate record of a meeting is made and help the minute taker with agreeing agenda items, follow the agenda items in sequence, summarise specific points, decisions or action agreed for each agenda item before moving on to the next item & review the minutes when they are written as a draft to give feedback back to the minute taker. 2.2) I discussed with the chair before the meeting started to approve on...
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