The Human Side of Management

Topics: Management, Peter Drucker / Pages: 3 (665 words) / Published: May 8th, 2014

SUMMARY: Any organization in dire straits is always attributed to bad management. This is usually the tendency inasmuch individuals composing the organization tend to look up to to those managing as all encompassing super human. Managers are often thought of as skillful in all technical aspects of running the organization or company and is expected to deliver monetary benefits to the company. They are also expected to be adept in human interaction skills with high ethical standards.

Managing is such an extraordinary act that only a few excel in doing so. This is because the focus in training managers has been often on technical proficiency and too little in character building. Instilling courage and integrity in managers, though, can’t be taught, but is built within the person of the manager unlike the management sciences needed in running a company which is the norm and a common knowledge. Few managers who shine are the ones who understood that managing is not just a series of mechanical tasks but a set of human interaction.

Because managing is seen as a common job, people often think of managers as mediocre specially when their demands and expectations are not met. But, there are a few who excel and exemplify what a manager and leader should be. They are the managers down the line, the founders of businesses, the heads of divisions. These include the Rosenbluths at Rosenbluth Travel who are always in tune with the times and are constantly changing to the demands of their business. These also include Bill Sells of Johns-Manville who exemplified personal responsibility and integrity when he harnessed his experience in his company’s handling of a troubled asbestos business to a new business-venture in fiberglass. These include William Peace, a general manager of the Synthetic Fuels Division at Westinghouse, who demonstrated that keeping responsibility and showing courage in adversity will reap respect

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