The European Influence on Native American Essay Example

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RUNNING HEADING: The European influence on Native American

The European influence on Native American


Eric Orr

COM 220

Axia College

Melanie Jeffrey, Instructor

By early 1600s the Native American formed a confederacy to work against the

Europeans. The Europeans influence the culture of the Native American by bring

diseases, constant warfare because the over taking of land, guns, steel hatchets, pots, and

kettles of brass ,and even the way to produce cloths and make die for thread. The

Europeans’ came with their cultural arrogance basically put their influence on Native

American by been diabolical and using weapons to accomplish meds ends. In this paper

will discover how the influences of the Europeans change Native American cultures.

Some of the influences that will be reviewing in this paper will be: How the Europeans

rudely affected the harmony and balance that the Native American had adopted. The

paper reviews alcohol was introduce to the Native Americans. How alcoholism has

affected a once seem as fit and proud nation form a health standpoint today. This paper

will also review the high- risk affects toward health issue. There also will be charts and

graphs to provide how in the present the influence of alcohol is affect the Native


When the Europeans invaded North America and tried to rob North America of it

resources. They were met by the Native Americans cultures that had different ways of

looking at the world. When the two cultures met a profound change occurred between the

two. There about 10 millions Native American already here before the European ever set

foot on North America. The Native American welcomes the Europeans in the century

with open arms until the Europeans took there cultural arrogance and disrupted the

rhythms and sprit of nature that Native American had. The Europeans was told in one

standpoint that the Native Americans were savages and man-eater because hostile attack

some explorer experience. On the other hand, they were told the Native Americans are

helpful and eager to trade with the Europeans. Keep in mind there was doubt about the

Native Americans because they did not know what to expect from them. European

introduces the Native American to diseases that ran rapidly through the tribes. The

Europeans was custom to own land and they use their influence on the Native American

who did not care about owning land. The European trick the Natives by introduces them

to the marvels of the old world. Wars broke out over the land issue because the Natives

were living on the land that the European wanted. They had an account for greed and

treachery by the Europeans.

The Europeans came over and introduces the Native American to disease like

measles and other diseases. The Europeans came with families, and some of the children

had measles. The European children would grow to immune the disease but the adult

Native American could not fight off the disease because adults had not it as a child so

could not acquired the immunity to measles. That in turn also started genocide within The

Native American race. When I look at the issue of Native Americans not acquiring

diseases like the Europeans it come from domesticated animals. The Europeans were

more advance in domesticating animals than the Native Americans were. So that large

amounts of the plagues that the European had come from. The Native Americans had no

such animals around therefore touching and coming in contact with sick animals was not

known to them thus making Native Americans more susceptible to the diseases. Cow pox

was a...
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