The Effects of Childhood Upbringing on an Individual Essay Example

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Most contemporary theories recognize that both biological and environmental factors influence child development, but they disagree about the relative importance of each of these factors for development or the balance between the influences. Today, there are no theories that support either of these arguments. All aspects of a man's life - his character, sense of responsibility, good and bad habits, ability to cope with difficulties, are primarily shaped during his childhood. The bright memories of his childhood can strengthen and warm a man during trying times, and, contrarily, those who have not had a happy childhood can in no way remake it. When we meet an orphan who has never had parental affection, or a step-son or step-daughter whose broken spirits are a result of difficulties at home, we can sense in them the imprint of painful early impressions. Children intentionally try to understand and explore the world about them. They are widely featured in the media most of the time and for good or bad, a child’s lifestyle and actions mostly compromise from their upbringing. Socializing agents such as parents, peers, or teachers do not simply mold the child. Instead, children actively influence and modify the actions of their parents and other people with whom they interact. It is an important process to how they are brought up and how the society affects them since they are the future and the main pillars of the country. Child upbringing usually leads to the change in the children’s abilities and behaviours as they develop. Therefore, before this becomes an alarming issue, the research team decides to come up with a proposal to see how important child upbringing is towards an individual physically, mentally and emotionally. As child upbringing can lead to various ways, we are mainly focusing on the attachment between the child and the care-giver, education , actions taken by the government regarding child abuse and providing knowledge regarding child rearing as well as parenting. Case Study:

Roger is a growing teenager at the age of 17 and faces multiple discipline problems. He has the habit of picking on others, cursing, threatening to kill teachers, threatening to kill administrators, fighting with peers, jumped out of moving school bus to fight, spitting on peer and facing emotional depression whenever he fails to obtain something in his delight. To overcome his emotional anger, he picks on students younger than his age and smaller in comparative to him. He has been known to be a bully in his school and education seemed to be the last thing on his mind. He enjoys the misery of others and does not realise the beauty of the environment around him. He was placed in residential treatment facility on an emergency basis. Because of insurance issues, he is released in 48 hours. This placement was done by law enforcement and health agencies after a blow up at home. Soon the name roger became blacklisted in school and he was forced to attend counselling sessions in disregard of his preference. A child psychologist in his school decided to communicate with him in order to help him solve all his problems. The psychologist then realised that it isn’t Rogers fault that he is turning out to be who he is. It is the way that he has been brought up that lead to his actions that are mere acts of disguise towards his real personality. The psychologist soon discovered that he has been traumatised during his childhood days and now he is having a strong self of insecurity. His parents abandoned him at the time he was born and he was grown up in an orphan house. He enjoyed picking on others because he was always the main target since he was young and to Roger, life is just about proving who’s in control. KidswithBehavior ProblemsWhatAreSchoolsRequiredtoDo? by Pete Wright 2009

Roger has reached a level whereby at the age of 17, he...
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