The Controversy over Athlete Salaries Essay Example

Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Athlete Salaries

The salaries of professional and collegiate athletes have always been a matter of debate. How much or how little athletes are being paid, and how it affects the sport, has been in countless discussions between players, fans, reporters, agents, and sports analysts. Some believe that players don’t deserve huge contracts, and most players that have huge contracts are overpaid and it hurts the sport. Then again, others feel that players work hard for their contracts and most athletes deserve their money. My stance on the issue is probably the same as most fans, and different from most owners. The sports industry racks in huge sums of money every year and if athletes aren’t receiving that money, most likely the owners and commissioners are collecting most of the money. I personally feel that the athletes are doing the most work therefore; they should be getting paid the most. I understand that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to sports, but it’s unfair to athletes to give most of the money to owners while the athletes are doing all of the hard work.

Today more people are attending sporting events than ever before. Sports have a unique ability to bring people of all races, social classes, and genders together and shape one common goal, the wellbeing of their home team. Sports also give people a sense of excitement and hope. When fans see their favorite sports star hit a home run, score a basket or touchdown it gives them belief that they can do well in their own endeavors, it gives confidence to kids that they have the potential to be in their position one day. If sports do this much for the people of our country, then the players should be paid accordingly. Apparently most owners and commissioners don’t believe so.

Recently in the NBA David Stern, the NBA commissioner, has been reported saying, “the league is losing money, and the league office says a new economic plan is needed for future viability”. That new economic...
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