The Church in the Middle Ages Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The Church in the Middle Ages
The Catholic Church greatly influenced the lives of people in the Middle Ages. The Church owned land, they controlled people’s beliefs, they were wealthy and they were led by the Pope. Majority of people in the Middle Ages were Catholic and relied on the Church for teachings, rewards and punishments. The church used threats, teachings and law to control people of the Middle Ages. People went on Crusades for the Pope and the Church. The Church told people if they did not obey their rules and beliefs they would go to hell. People of the Middle Ages were forced to pay taxes, or tithes, to the Church. The Church in the Middle Ages was highly influential on people’s lives and made every person obey them and believe in their teaching. The Church was one of the most important establishments in the Middle Ages. The Church consisted of different orders, the Pope, the Archbishops, the Bishops, the clergy (monks and priests) and the laity (ordinary believers). The Church was very wealthy and they owned a lot of land. The Church did not answer to the King, but only to the Pope. The Church educated the public in their teachings, general schooling and laws. The Church could make people do anything they wanted them to do. They were very powerful, wealthy and they were very influential of people’s lives. Peasants were made to work for the Church, give up their own time and money for the Church. Peasants payed 10% of their earnings to the Church each year, this was called tithes. Peasants had very little money, so for the majority of the time they had to pay with animals, seeds, harvested grain etc. Because of this, peasants usually had a shortage of seeds and would not have enough food or money to feed and support their family. If peasants didn’t pay their tithes, they would go to hell. Peasants had to work for the Church for a long time; this mean they had less time to look after their own land and crops. Peasants were forced to work for the...
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