The United States Congress

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The United States Congress, which is made up of two houses, is a . d. bicameral legislature.
4. The standing committees of each house are controlled by
d. the majority party.
This group specializes in a subcategory of its standing committee's responsibility. a. subcommittee
The House of Representatives and the Senate combined have ________ members with full voting privileges. Your Answer:
An individual senator can exercise tremendous power by filibustering, Your Answer:
unless three-fifths of the senators vote to cut her or him off. A committee that is established on a temporary basis is called a/an ________ committee. Your Answer:
Committee chairs in the House are
selected by House leaders in the majority party.
Over half of all Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job. approve of the way the representative from your district is handling his or her job. III) prefer divided government.

Correct Answer:
Most bills introduced in Congress

A conference committee is where
members of both houses meet to iron out differences between their versions of a bill. The standing committees of each house are controlled by
d. the majority party.
The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the . d. Speaker.
Senators are elected for
b. six-year terms.
This committee is set up when the House and Senate have passed different versions of the same bill. b. conference committee
____ 26. senatorial benefit
b. franking privilege
Logrolling is most likely to occur over
legislation of special importance to all members
. When making decisions about whether or not to support a bill, members of Congress are often influenced by their partisan affiliations and their colleagues. Congress passed the War Powers Act in response to presidential use of the military during Your Answer:

the Vietnam War
How do you end a filibuster?
Your Answer:
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