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The migration of people to cities is one the biggest problems facing the world’s cities today

By asenab Dec 05, 2013 317 Words
The migration of people to cities is one the biggest problems facing the world’s cities today. Discuss the main causes. What solutions could be used to tackle the situation? Nowadays, the issue of urbanization is more frequently discussed than ever before due to its increasing impacts on lives and on the environment. Most people will not argue the fact that living in a city is easier overall than living in the country. Despite that fact, many generations have lived in rural settings by choice over the decades.

The pursuit of a better standard of living, education and higher health care are the main causes of migration to urban areas. Many people hope that if they move to live in a big city they will find higher-paying jobs. However, mass migration to cities causes greater competition for jobs and this lead to underemployment. Others want their children to get better education and often high-ranked schools or universities with well-trained teachers are in the city. Moreover, the expansion of cities often leads to environmental problems, such as pollution.

To solve the migration problems there are a number of solutions. One of the possible answers is to improve the quality of life in the countryside. Government could invest in building medical facilities and schools. Media can also be used to promote a healthy and stress free life in the countryside. Another way to attract people to stay in rural areas is creating more employment opportunities. By doing this, many people will choose to stay in the countryside.

To conclude, because of urbanization the raw beauty of rural life is fading into oblivion. Convincing people to live in the countryside might seem as a difficult task, but if for once we escape the dullness of the city and discover the stunning places, hidden in the forgotten parts of our country we might just realize what we are missing.

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