The Book of Lost Things

Topics: Fairy tale, Thing, Hatred, Family, Fable, Storytelling / Pages: 5 (1017 words) / Published: Dec 27th, 2013
The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things is written by John Connolly. It told us a fantastic story of a young boy, David. With a background of World WarⅡ, the story began with a sad story: Little David’s mother was badly ill. To make his mother come back to life, David tried his best to do things which he believed that they could bring good luck. He believed even numbers are with good luck, so he would count to an even number at anytime. If he get stroke, he would strike himself again to make sure that he got an even number. However, what he did was just nonsense. It didn’t change the fact that he would lose his mother. After his mother’s death, the thing which rubbed salt into his wounds was his father’s remarriage and his newly born half-blood brother. All the stresses crept up on him and made him create illusions. He heard the books talking in slow and deep voice. And a Crooked Man began to show off in his dreams. After he finally arguing with his stepmother, he saw a gap on the wall that lead the way to another and heard his mother voice crying for help from the gap. Between a sad, horrible world and a unknown world, David chose the latter. And the story began. The world which David dropped into was a world full of darkness. It was a world consisted by fairies. However, all the fairies in this world were different from the story we read in the fairy tales book. They were all black fairies. The Snow White was a fat ugly malicious woman and the Huntress was a brutal psychopath who likes to change bodies between different species. Being frightened by this scary world, David tried to find a way back. He heard that there was a book called The Book of Lost Things may help him. So he set foot on his journey. At the end of the story, David found that it was the Crooked Man behind all of this. He needed to eat the heart of children. The way he found the heart was to found some young boy with poor life and cheated them to become a king in this horrible

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