T’s Unfair That Successful Sports Professionals Earn Huge Amounts of Money Today

Topics: Basketball, Supply and demand, Houston Rockets Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement
It’s unfair that successful sports professionals earn huge amounts of money today

It is not uncommon for success sports stars to receive huge amount of money compared with professionals in many realms such as academic researching and medical care. However, they are definitely not overpaid. Their gift, intelligence and also the market law contribute to the phenomenon.

Even though the world population, according to a statistic, will top to approximately seven billion in two years, the number of the preeminent sportspeople will still remain in rarity. It can not be denied that their successes hinge on, to some extent, something they are born with—strength, speed, flexibility, and the most important, passion. All of these contribute to their extraordinary performance that can not be trained by our ordinary individuals to reach the comparable levels. Take Yao Ming as an example. As an distinguished basketball player, Yao grew up in Shanghai, both his parents former basketball players. Growing in such “athletic” atmosphere, Yao exhibited exceptional gift for basketball the first time he touched basketball: the actions which made great demands on his peers seemed to be a piece of cake for Yao. In fact, Yao is such kind of people who are born to find their niche in the specific domain. Thus, it makes sense to pay huge amounts of money to the elite sporting stars.

Granted, success can be traced to genetic advantages. However, without immense training, it seems impossible for the top sportspeople to stand out. To improve performance, dedicate athletes have been in constant training no matter in the chilly winter or in the scorching summer, mostly from childhood onward, and only enjoyed a fraction of leisure time compared with ordinary individuals. Further, they frequently put their bodies into risk, carrying on painstakingly training processes. Even more frequently, they are supposed to cope with psychological...
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