System design

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A. Introduction

VIRTUOUS Business Solutions provides integrated business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. We cater to different clients in the United States, Canada, and the Philippines.

We offer clients solutions and applications suited to the specific requirements of their organization and business. The services and customized solutions ranges from human resource training and processes, marketing and events promotions, accounting and financial management services to basic computerization, software solutions, and website design to develop integrated back-end solutions.

It is established to serve small and mid-sized businesses to meet the challenges and demands of their businesses and help them increase their productivity, hence, respond to the needs of their customers better and more efficiently.

It is located at AR1, 2nd Floor, 2.Nable One TBI, Mabuhay IT Park, Ced Avenue, National Highway, General Santos City.

Contact Number: (083) 301-6270 local 201.

Contact Person: Ms. Sheila A. Dayap, CPA – General Manager and Owner

B. History of the Company

Virtuous Business Solutions is an integrated business process outsourcing entity which caters the business side, marketing, information technology, accounting and engineering aspects. It started as a small company owned by Ms. Sheila A. Dayap, CPA. Formerly located at her house in Brgy. City Heights, she started gathering potential clients via local and online. After the successful breakthrough of her career, she expanded her business into a call center facility, employed with 20 agents.

She also caters accounting services wherein she outsourced her accounting agents to different clients in order to help them with their financial accounts and services.

On the other side, the General Manager, Mr. Dayap, is the engineering consultant of the company. He helps to integrate efficient and high quality engineering services. Through the use of modern technologies such as AutoCADD Designs, they are able to deliver sketches and estimates to its clients on time.

On the marketing side, the company offers different marketing collateral such as poster layouts, brochures, logo and branding, and even company websites for an effective marketing strategy.

Now, the company is looking for potentials in Animation Industry wherein they trained local artists the basic and advanced animation motions and graphics through the help of some renowned animators from Pixar Studios and Walt Disney Studios in California, USA.

The company is located at the Mabuhay IT Park, one of the most advanced IT Parks in the country, with fully-equipped security systems, and has the most advanced internet technology in South Central Mindanao.

C. Philosophy, Objectives and Policies

To utilize our expertise in composite products of VALUE in the field of accounting, engineering and marketing as measured by quality, innovation, timeliness and optimum cost.

To become a globally recognized excellent provider of business solutions through the use of efficient processes, competent resources and cutting-edge technologies.

Our beliefs shape our values. Our values shape our actions. The values that we uphold are the foundation of our organization and the basis of how we do business.

Our beliefs shape our values. Our values shape our actions. The values that we uphold are the foundation of our organization and the basis of how we do business. Indeed, it reflects what we are and what we can do. The virtuous values that underlies the organization sets our priorities, reshapes our business culture, and expands our social and economic borders.

We believe that as excellent provider of business solutions, our values should encompass our commitment to our client, to the team, and the community.

We give commitment to our CLIENT. This commitment stems from our intention to always put our...
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