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This symbol reminds those handling the package to keep out of the rain and not to store it in damp conditions. It is normally found on card based packages which would be damaged if placed in contact with water.

The broken wine glass suggests that the product inside the packaging could be easily damaged if dropped or handled without care and attention. The contents are fragile!

The two hands holding or protecting the package is another reminder that the contents should be handled with care.

The symbol seen opposite tells those handling the package that it must be stored the right way up. The arrows point towards the top of the package.

The symbol showing the thermometer is found mainly on packages containing food and drink. The symbol clearly shows that the contents should be stored at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees (centigrade).

The telephone attached to the letter ‘Q’ means that if you are not happy with the quality of the product/package contents, you can ring a customer services number. This is normally placed very close to the symbol.

Customer satisfaction symbol. Seen on some packaging to indicate a satisfaction statement e.g. “This product has been prepared for your enjoyment. If you are not completely satisfied please return the product and its packaging to ......”

The vegetarian symbol has a ‘tick’ in its centre. This means that the contents are suitable for vegetarians to eat.

This is an alternative vegetarian symbol. In place of a ‘tick’ in its centre it has a symbol that represents leafs. This means that the contents are suitable for vegetarians to eat.

Another alternative ‘suitable for vegetarians’ symbol.

This symbol suggests that the consumer should be aware that the product could contain wheat, gluten, sulphites, traces of nut or it has been made in a factory that uses nut ingredients.

The ‘gluten free’ symbol means that the product inside the packaging does not contain wheat extracts. Some people are sensitive or even allergic to such extracts. Therefore, clear labeling is required.

Ingredients symbol. This is often placed alongside the list of ingredients. It represents a mixing bowl and spoon, with a colorful background to highlight the black and white foreground.

The ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ symbol is regularly seen on packages in the UK. It is there to remind people to place their rubbish in a rubbish bin rather than dropping it on the floor. It is also aimed at making people aware that they have a responsibility to keep the environment around them tidy and litter free. Sometimes the symbol is called the ‘be environmentally friendly’ symbol.

POLYTHENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) is a material widely used for packaging, especially drinks containers. It is 90% recyclable and the symbol opposite reminds the consumer of this fact. Hopefully the consumer will place the used packaging in the recycle bin, if he / she can find one.

These are internationally recognizable symbols for recycling. They are seen on many packages. Again, it is to remind the consumer of the potential recycling properties of the package he/she is about to throw away. It is aimed at encouraging the consumer to recycling packaging rather than throwing it into a general rubbish bin.

This symbol also means that the material is recyclable. However, the letters ‘alu’ mean aluminium. It means the container is manufactured from aluminium and that it can be recycled and used again. Look closely at drinks cans as they are normally manufactured from aluminium and may have this symbol.

Normally found on packaging containing food. The symbols simply means that the contents will serve 10 portions.

This symbol is often found on the packaging for batteries. A dust bin is seen in this symbol. The crossed lines means that the batteries should not be disposed of in a dust bin after they have been used.

Found on food products - this symbol means ‘add hot / boiling water’.

This symbol was found on a package for a professional quality torch. The symbol suggests that the product inside the package is ‘precision made. This means that all the parts have been precisely manufactured and fit together very accurately.

This symbol was found on a well known box of matches. The symbol represents the company’s efforts to make match boxes from recycled board. The company also claims that this saves energy and trees

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