Sylvan Learning Center

Topics: Learning, Education / Pages: 2 (489 words) / Published: Apr 20th, 2014
Sylvan Learning Center I visited Sylvan Learning Center to inquire about how they help people learn, study and perform better academically. I found them to be very knowledgeable in the different learning styles of students and the different problems that each child can face. I liked that they didn’t try to use the same technique on every child, because we all learn differently. When a student is first brought in to start being tutored, instead of guessing their ability and knowledge based on their age and grade level, Sylvan uses their own assessment process to determine their learning styles and areas where help is required. The assessment includes: a self-evaluation that the child completes where they rate their own habits and attitudes towards school; observations by the Sylvan tutors; a computer-adaptive skills assessment which pinpoints each child’s strengths and weaknesses. The assessment is a part of the 4 step process that Sylvan uses to engage children in learning. After the assessment comes creating a learning plan specific to each child and is adjusted as needed. When teaching, the tutors are using personal instruction with the help of digital tools, such as ipads, to help engage the student. The lessons are adapted to the child’s skill level and learning pace. The student’s progress is measured within each lesson. The tutor also collaborates with the child’s teacher to see if any progress is being made in the classroom as a result of the tutoring. One of the biggest obstacles the tutors face is that a lot of students lose interest in school. They are smart kids, but do not apply themselves to their potential. They face too many distractions in and out of the classroom and some cannot focus on their schoolwork. At Sylvan, each tutoring session is with the tutor and 2 other students. That way all of the attention is not placed on a specific child, which can make them uncomfortable, but they also get the personal attention they

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