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Texas Government 2306

Blinn College – Bryan Campus

Section: 430CRN: 20188 Meets: TTH 4:15-5:30 in A114

Instructor's Name: Mr. Michael Smith

Office Number: A141Office Hours: : 1:30-2:30 TTH
Office Phone:Office Email:


Government 2306 is a study of the organization, functions, and administration of the several branches and bureaucracy of the Texas state and local government, including a study of the numerous Texas constitutions. The primary factors considered relate to the three branches of government -- judicial, executive, legislative -- current Texas Constitution, events that shaped the state, and current events. Emphasis will be placed on the interaction of these subsystems.


Appropriate score on the THEA test or alternative test or completion of READ 0306 with a grade of “C” or better.


This is a Core Course in the 42-Hour Core Curriculum of Blinn College. As such, students will develop proficiency in the appropriate Intellectual Competencies, Exemplary Educational Objectives, and Perspectives. More information can be obtained from


1. Explain the origin and development of the Texas constitution. 2. Describe state and local political systems and their relationship with the federal government. 3. Describe separation of powers and checks and balances in both theory and practice in Texas. 4. Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of Texas government. 5. Evaluate the role of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties in Texas. 6. Analyze the state and local election process.

7. Identify the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
8. Analyze issues, policies and political culture of Texas.


Textbook: Maxwell et al. Texas Politics Today. 2011-2012 edition 15th edition,


The student will take three (3) exams and one (1) cumulative final exam. In addition, each student will be required to complete three (3) take-home quizzes, the information for which will be derived from textbook readings and/or class lectures.

Further, each student will complete one (1) writing assignment, the information for which will be derived from class discussions and textbook readings. In addition, students will write two (2) one-page discussion essays throughout the course of the semester. Attendance is required for this course and is part of the final grade calculation.

Each student will be responsible for providing an AccuScan Advantage Scantron, #2 pencil(s) and eraser for each exam. It is highly recommended that the student bring the textbook, paper and writing instrument for class lectures and discussions.


The maximum number of points a student may accumulate is 400 points. The first three exams will count for a maximum of 50 points each (150 total). Take-home quizzes will count for a maximum of 20 points each (20 total). The written assignment will count for a maximum of 40 points (40 total). Discussion essays will count for a maximum of 20 points each (40 total). The final exam will count for a maximum of 100 points (100 total). Attendance will count for a maximum of 10 points (10 total) of your final total. The points for each assignment are as follows:

Three (3) exams 50 points each 150 points
Three (3) take-home quizzes20 points each60 points Writing assignment40 points40 points
Two (2) discussion essays20 points each40 points Attendance10 points10 points
One (1) cumulative final exam100 points100 points
400 points total

Grades will be assessed as follows:

A = >360 points B = 320-359 points C = 280-319 points D = 240-279 pointsF =

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