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A TOC expert certification in Supply Chain Logistics certifies that the individual has sufficient knowledge and tools (capability) to successfully implement both the Operations (Drum-Buffer-Rope and Buffer Management) and Distribution solutions of TOC. The Supply Chain Logistics expert exam is divided into two parts. The total examination time is 8 hours. Typically, the exam is divided into two four-hour parts. A passing grade for certification is 70% correct for both parts of the exam overall. The expert exam consists of a mixture of objective and open-ended (i.e. essay) questions. Some of the exam questions will focus on one or more case studies presented in the exam. The exam overall addresses the three main topics described below.

I. Thinking Processes applied to Supply Chain Logistics

Objective: Demonstrate the ability to analyze any environment and its supply chain logistics system using the four fundamental questions of the thinking processes.

A. Why change?

i. Knows the goals of the Supply Chain Logistics function

B. What to change?

i. Knows how failure to meet its goals impacts the other entities in the system. ii. Knows the fundamental limitation(s) that the Supply Chain Logistics solution(s) enables organizations to overcome. iii. Knows and understands the core conflict in Operations and Distribution systems. iv. Knows and understands other conflicts in the Operations and Distribution systems. v. Can verbalize the specific key assumptions underlying the conflicts of Supply Chain Logistics and demonstrate how they cause the specific, common undesirable effects. vi. Can identify the system’s constraint(s) for the system (i.e. internal supply chain, entire supply chain, operations, distribution).

C. What to change to?

i . Is able to create the necessary injections:
1. that overcome the erroneous assumptions that underlie the core conflicts in Supply Chain Logistics for any type of...
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