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Topics: Management, Strategic management, Leadership Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Subject Overview Welcome to a new session of study at Charles Sturt University.

This subject builds on the knowledge, skills and capacities developed in the subject ULM511 by enhancing participant understanding and appreciation of university governance and its relationship to effective university strategic leadership and strategic management. The subject develops a further understanding of Australian public universities as statutory corporations and the roles and responsibilities of university governance mechanisms and the relationship with management decisions and leadership. It includes an analysis of core strategies in addressing known and unknown "futures" through strategic leadership processes such as, analysing the internal and external environment, development of vision and strategies linked with the University's strategic planning processes, human resource planning and development, risk management, capacity and leadership development.

The subject also examines the leadership role, responsibilities and capacities of a university's governance mechanism to steer a university towards longer term outcomes. Emergent issues for leadership and management are identified and explored.

Introduction In ULM512 you will explore University Governance and Strategic Leadership and Management contemporary governance and strategic management issues in the contemporary higher education context and then relate this back to key issues and challenges facing leaders and managers at Charles Sturt University.

Key themes include:

exploring contemporary issues relevant to university governance and strategic leadership and management; enhancing your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of university governance and its close relationship with leadership and strategic management; examining corporate governance and its relationship with university governance in the context of the changing learning organisation; developing an understanding and overview of the...
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