Study Guide Exam 3

Topics: Quality control, Management, Small business Pages: 7 (1643 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Chapters 10 thru 13
Chapter 10
1. What is staffing?PG 264
Staffing involves planning for, recruiting, selecting, and training and developing employees as well as compensating them and providing for their health and safety.

2. Define the basic management function of staffing.PG 264 Being able to identify and hire good employees can mean the difference between having a successful and unsuccessful business.

3. What is a Job Specification?PG 264
A job specification is a detailed written statement of work assignments and the qualifications needed to do the job acceptably.

4. What is a Job Description?PG 264
A job description lists the duties and responsibilities of a given job.

5. What is a Job Requirement?

6. Define the sources used to find employees?

7. What are internal sources?PG 265
Internal sources are individuals within the organization.

8. What are external sources?PG 266
External sources are those outside the organization or former employees.

9. Define recruiting and selecting employees.PG 268
Go out and recruit them!

10. How would a company gather information about an applicant?PG 269 In general, what a person has done in the past best indicates future performance.

11. How would a company checking references?PG 272
Personal, academic, and past employment is ways to check references. A personal visit, telephone call, or a personal letter are other ways to verify work history. 12. Define training and developing employees.PG 273

The effectiveness of a small business results not only from the ability of the owner but also from (1) the inherent abilities of its employees; (2) their development through training, education, and experience; and (3) their motivation. Some of the results of training and developing workers include (1) increased productivity, (2) reduced turnover, (3) increased earnings for employees, (4) decreased costs of materials and equipment due to errors, (5) less supervision required, and (6) improved employee satisfaction.

13. How can money be used to motivate?PG 282
Some of the more popular financial incentives are (1) merit increases, (2) incentive payments, and (3) profit sharing.

14. What is OSHA?PG 288
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration establishes specific safety standards to ensure, to the extent feasible, the safety and health of workers.

15. What is the EPA?PG 289
The Environmental Protection Agency was created to help protect and improve the quality of the nation’s environment. Its mandate includes solid-waste disposal, clean air, water resources, noise, pesticides, and atomic radiation. Chapter 11

16. What are the basic organizational concepts?PG 312
The three basic organizational concepts that apply to growing small businesses are (1) delegation, (2) span of management, and (3) specialization.

17. Define organizing a small business.PG 314
The most frequent ways of organizing a small business are (1) by types of authority granted and (2) by activities to be performed.

18. What is a line organization?PG 314
In a line organization, the owner has a direct line of command over employees.

19. What is a line‐and‐staff organization?PG 314
A line-and-staff organization is one that has specialists to advise and perform services for other employees.

20. What is an organization chart?PG 316
An organization chart shows the authority and responsibility relationships that exist in a business.

21. Define leadership.PG 297
Leadership is the ability of one person to influence others to attain objectives.

22. Define communicating with employees.PG 297
Communication is so important because people need and want to know what is going on so they can do their jobs properly. Owners, employees, customers, vendors, and others need to coordinate their work, so communication must be clear and complete.

23. What is...
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