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Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Anomie Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: February 23, 2014

What is the definition of?
Crimes- The violation of norms written into law.
Stigma- Blemishes that discredit a person's claim to a normal identity. Social Order- A groups usual and customary social arrangements on which its members depend and on which they base their lives. Social Control- A groups formal and informal means of enforcing norms. Anomie-A lack of social norms.

Recidivism- repeat offenders of crimes
Degradation Ceremonies (and who came up with the term)- Coined by Harold Garfinkel, to refer to a ritual whose goal is to remake someone’s self by stripping away that individuals identity and giving a new one. White collar crime (and who came up with the term)- Edwin sutherland’s term for crimes committed by people of respectable and high social status.

Theories and their focus
Differential Association Theory- Going directly against the idea that biology or personality is the source of deviance. Control Theory-The idea that two control systems “inner and outer controls” work against our tendencies to deviate. Strain theory-A societies goal but withholds means of reaching the goal such crime.

What sociological perspective is the following related to?
Relativity of deviance-?
The belief that we help to produce our own orientations to life by joining specific groups- The Symbolic Interactionists The belief that deviance is a natural part of society-The functionalist perspective The view that law is an instrument of oppression used to control workers- The conflict perspective

Questions to Answer
Explanations for deviance that focus on genetic predispositions to explain why individuals commit deviant acts are most aligned with which discipline? Which Sociologist developed Differential association theory? Edwin Sutherland According to control theory when are inner controls most effective in deterring deviant behavior? Strong attachments, commitments, and involvements with other members of the society. Who was the sociologist whom argued that...
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