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Topics: Sun, Solar System, Earth Pages: 4 (691 words) Published: January 31, 2013
What is a light year, how is it used to measure distances in space, and why is this unit measurement necessary?

What is an astronomical unit, how is it used to measure distances in space, and why is this unit measurement necessary?

How fast can our fastest spacecraft travel?

What are the limitations of manned space missions with respect to exploring the universe, the galaxy, the solar system, and other planets?

What are the major components of the universe?

How do scientists think the universe was created? What evidence have scientist used to develop this theory?

What evidence have scientist collected over time to suggest the universe is expanding? What are they three types of galaxies and the general features of each?

How do planets, solar systems, galaxies, and the universe differ with respect to distance, size and composition?

How would you rank the following astronomical bodies from largest to smallest: (a) star, (b) planet, (c) universe, (d) solar system, and (e) galaxy?

What is a solar system composed of?

How are the compositions of the inner planets and outer planets different?

What are stars composed of?

How do stars vary in size?

What is the universe composed of?
Describe the scale distances in the universe

What are galaxies composed of?

How do galaxies compare in size?

What is gravity?

What is the Law of universal gravitation?

How does mass and distance affect gravitational attraction?

Who does gravity affect weight?

How does gravity affect planetary motion?

What role did gravity play in the formation of the universe and our solar system?

What gases are stars composed of?

How does temperature relate to the color of a star?

How is a star’s brightness measured?

How would you differentiate between apparent magnitude and absolute magnitude?

How are the sizes of stars measured? How does the size of a star and its distance from Earth affect its apparent magnitude?

What would a...
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