Topics: Navigation, Tide, Latitude Pages: 4 (819 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Tools used to measure latitude (Lesson 02.01) (use the first resource in this lesson to help you) •Be able to list and describe the 3 main tools used to measure latitude in early navigation Tools used to measure longitude (Lesson 02.01) (use the first resource in this lesson to help you) •Be able to list and describe the 2 main tools used to measure longitude in early navigation Current Navigation Tools (Lesson 02.01)

What tool do we currently use to determine location (latitude and longitude)? Longitude and Latitude (Lesson 02.01)
Know the ways that longitude and latitude run (N to S or E to W) and what they measure •What are longitude and latitude measured in?
Challenger Expedition (Lesson 02.02)—Best resource link to use = “Account of the Voyage of the Challenger” •Besides conducting sampling of the waters on its journey, what were the main findings from the Challenger voyage? •What tool was used to do measure the depths of the ocean? •What are the 2 pieces of equipment used to collect bottom samples on the Challenger? •What was a newly invented piece of equipment used on the Challenger ship to get water samples called? Rocky Shore (Lesson 02.04)

Be able to name the 4 zones of rocky shore
In which zone of the rocky shore would you most likely find only grasses and patches of lichens? •What type of animal uses the rocky shore for their ‘feeding’ grounds? •What is the name of a plant-like species found in rocky shores? •What is the special adaptation of these organisms found in the rocky shore ecosystem?—to do this, match up the following (Match the organism with its adaptation)


Sea squirts


Store water during low tide, soft jelly like bodies
Holdfasts to anchor themselves and slimy mucus
Muscular foot, cup shaped shell
Cement to rocks, close their valves so they do not dry out, conical shape •Think about the organisms that live in the rocky shore and tidal...
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