Strategy for Growth Bangladesh

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Introductory Part

Letter of Transmittal

August 8, 2011

MR.MD. Kamrul Hasan
Assistant Professor,
Department of Business Studies
State University of Bangladesh

Subject: Letter of Transmittal for Submitting the Report

Dear Sir,

I am submitting my Term Paper and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your guidance and supervision in its completion. I completed my Term Paper for Report on the "Strategy for Growth: Bangladesh 2050 ". I have tried my best to organize all the necessary information related to the topic and present relevant facts and figures. The report has its due limitations and conducting the assignment was not without difficulties. Please accept my apology for the same. However, with your guidance, it was completed in the best possible manner.

Your kind appreciation will glorify my endeavor.

Arnab SahaID:UG01-22-09-014
A.B.M Fahad ZituID:UG01-20-09-046
Akram Hossain KhandakarID:UG01-22-09-036
Nishat RaziaID:UG01-22-09-009
Sanjida YasminID:UG-01-22-09-025

Bangladesh, a country with immense opportunities in multiple sectors, has a population of 164 million which includes a large number of skilled & semi skilled workforce. This number is increasing gradually. Bangladesh has survived the recent economic recession & was successful to hold a sustainable inflation rate during that period. This country has a better GDP growth rate than the other developing nations too. This report is prepared as an integral part of my task for the DCCI, as one of their strategy 2050 report holder which helps me to accumulated & also very interested with this topic where I can empowered & acknowledged myself as on the report. I tried to illustrate my thoughts, imaginations & objects with the help of most updated statistical data available.

We will be standing at our 59th years of our independence in 2050. We want to see an economy with the presence of an accounting democratic system. In this report I tried my best to present a model of Bangladesh that may become at 2050. I tried to be rational with my vision & judgment. I tried to illustrate an outline of a future Bangladesh that will reflect the expectations & desires of the inhabitants. Bangladesh is a developing country with vast population base where population is a problem. We think this should not be considered as an impediment in achieving this vision. Rather our population a base can be one of our strengths, if used properly. So, in this report I have formulated all the vision, goals, & proposals with keeping this strength in mind.

This paper is the reflection of thoughts on our beloved country. I try my best to portray my thought, imagination with the real & possible statistical data support. This report work is my own paper work which includes materials & information from most of the workshops, seminars & conferences of DCCI & others. I try my best to make this paper a truthful, realistic, one with proper data references, sources & other statistical data. Finally I hope that by the years 2050 we will see all the dreams & projections coming true. That will make this report a successful one. Acknowledgement

First of all I would like to thank Almighty Allah, the most Merciful, for giving me the opportunity to complete the report. The successful accomplishment of the Internship Program is the outcome of the contribution of number of people, especially those who took the time and effort to share their knowledge and thoughts to improve the report. My heartiest gratitude and appreciation goes to my honorable supervisor, Md. Kamrul Hasan Assistant Professor, Department of Business Studies, State University of Bangladesh for his proper guidance and co-operation in preparing the report. I am also thankful to my loving parents who have always been my source of inspiration. My special thanks go to my senior brothers, who helped me with providing all the sufficient...
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