Stonefish, a Deadly Australian Marine Creature

Topics: Fish, Fish anatomy, Venom Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 22, 2014

The Stonefish is another of Australia's deadly marine creatures. They inhabit shallow waters along the coast. The stonefish is well camouflaged in the ocean, as it is a brownish colour, and often resembles a rock. This is why it is called the Stonefish. It has thirteen sharp dorsal spines on its back, which each have extremely toxic venom.  Description

The Stone Fish is a a mottled brown-greenish in colour (which makes them camouflaged) with many venomous spines along its back. The Stone Fish is only dangerous if stepped on or caught. 13 dorsal spines project from venomous glands along the back . The venom is involuntarily expelled when pressure is applied to them. It takes a few weeks before the gland regenerate again. The stonefish or dornorn is officially considered the most venomous fish in the world. It takes its name from the fact that, well, it looks like a stone. It can blend in well in the shallow tropical waters it inhabits, mostly in the Indian and Pacific oceans. The nasty part of the stonefish is on its dorsal fins. There is where you’ll find a row of spines filled with a toxic venom. If you have the bad luck to get stuck with one of the stonefish’s venomous fins, you’ll find yourself in a world of hurt. The venom hurts so much that some people who’ve been stung have wanted the limb amputated. It can cause shock, paralysis, tissue death, and even fatalities if not treated within a few hours. The stonefish has at least one beneficial use. It’s a very expensive sashimi called okoze in Japan. IDENTIFICATION

Total length to 47 cm, common to 28 cm. Head, body and fins are generally dark brown. The skin is warty, scaleless and often covered in a short coat of filamentous algae. Thirteen sharp dorsal spines are each contained in a thick sheath of skin. The head has deep pits and grooves. The eyes are small and situated on a raised bony structure. The pectoral fins are enlarged and fleshy. Habitat

The stonefish lives primarily above the...
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