Stephen King Bibliography

Topics: Stephen King, The Shawshank Redemption, Writing Pages: 3 (518 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Stephen King: The Highs and Lows of being a Great American Author.

Conradt, Stacy. “10 Facts About Stephen King.” September 21, 2009. -This particular source gives interesting facts about King’s early life, including one of the tragic events in his life that lead to his unique writing elements. -This source is going to help me setup the introduction and beginning of my research paper leading into the body of my paper and valid points as to why King is such a successful author.

Enotes. “Essential Facts.” 2012.
- This particular source gives me information about King’s family life and also information about King’s different writing styles and different alias’s he had. - This source is going to help me fill in data about King and his journey being a great author.

Encyclopedia. “Stephen King.” 2004.
- This particular source gives me all the essential facts about Stephen King not only as an author but, as a normal human being.
- This source is going to help me fill in data and analyze the issues I’m going to be Talking about in my research paper.

Wikipedia. “Stephen King.” 02/2010
- This particular source gives me interesting and somewhat odd facts about Stephen King to make my research paper a little amusing and more entertaining to read. - This source is going to help my fill in data and help overview issues I have gone over in my research paper.

Stephen King. “Stephen King.” Stephen 2000-2012 - This particular source gives me interesting and many facts I did not know about Stephen King, which will give my readers the inside about the man...
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