Statistical Process Control Assigment

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Describe two basic types of inspection used in sampling for process control and explain two processes at your company that could benefits from each type of inspection. In you answer gives the example of variation expected from that process. Answer 1-

There are two types of data inspection which are below:
1. Variable or continuous scale
2. Attribute or discrete scale

1. Variable or continuous data inspection:
The variable data inspection is the type of inspection which varies time to time and it is the scale of measurement for any process used in different industrial process as well as in our daily life. In variable data inspection there is not breakup between the process. Which means the variable data scale always vary with the time. Examples:

Temperature, distance, Analogue signal, Acceleration, Velocity, Weight etc. Explanation:
1- As we know that the analogue signal always varies the values from zero to its maximum values with the different periods of time. Analogue signal start from zero value and its goes to high peak and then after that its values become low which goes to minimum to zero. This example shows that this type of inspection is always continuous with time. But we should be remembering that in variable data inspection the value always was remaining continues.

2- In another example suppose a cooking oil company selling the different type of oil drums into market. Then we differentiate all these drums in local shop by checking their size , weight, volume, shapes, capacity.

2. Attribute data inspection:
In is scale of measurement in any process which should not be vary or continue. The attribute data inspection scale is measured by checking their quality. For example pour quality, bad , accept, and good , yes or not. Examples:

1- For example we want to buy a motorbike in showroom. So then we do not need to look its engine power or its speed and other features. Just we will be choosing that looks good for us. But in case of attribute data inspection we need to see its all features. For example its model or its engine power capacity which make motorbike different from other models. Also by looking its more characteristics.

2- Suppose a company producing different type of product like a pen etc. Then in attribute data inspection scale we just look and select any of them. But we will consider its quality, and their writing life time. The above both scale of measurement are necessary in industrial but often time we give the priority to variable data scale because it is important that to get more success in our products quality. And checks the product everything by using the attribute data scale.

For example today a lots company producing the electronics components which are used in printed circuit board for electronics industry design. But to make safe working operation of any electronics devices we must check the components life time, materials quality, its temperature. Which make the circuit operation more effective and increased the circuit finally stability. So thus why by using the attribute data inspection our product will work more efficient. Which also keep the customer happy and satisfy? But we used the other type of inspection at this stage then we have more change that our business or product goes in loss and it’s reduce the customer unhappy and keep down market value over all. Task 2:

Describe clearly the significance of natural and assignable causes of variation. Answer:
There are two type of variation which is below.
1 – Natural or common cause of variation:
This type of variation is actually happened in system by automatically or naturally. But the effects of this variation in process is low than other variation. All these variation automatically generated and effect the process because nature of system. For example in electronics field we can see that are too many natural variation which normally involves in the system and...

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