Sports Industry: Sponsorship

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Sponsorship - Chapter 15

Multiple Choice

1. When the Dayton Dragons opened the gates of their new field in April of 2000 with what the team dubbed the “world’s largest outdoor billboard” they were using the strategy of:

A. advertising clutter
B. representing 75-300 sponsors
C. dominant identity
D. sponsorship overload

Page: 362

2. The continuing influx of new sport leagues, teams, and events has created:

A. more and more options for companies large and small to engage in sport sponsorship B. the growing need for sport organizations to think outside the box C. the increasingly competitive sport marketplace for sponsorship dollars D. all of the above

Page: 363

3. The most successful sport organizations in attracting and retaining sponsorship partners are those that do all of the following except:

A. best meet the needs and objectives of companies
B. deliver on their promises
C. sign as many sponsors as possible
D. think of innovative strategies that provide unique sponsorship opportunities

Page: 363

4. For the major professional sport leagues and associations, sponsorships involve:

A. a variety of marketing-mix elements designed to send messages to a targeted audience B. one primary sponsor provided with exclusivity across all sponsorship categories C. fees that usually never exceed $1,000,000 per year

D. one year deals, as leagues and associations avoid multi-year commitments

Page: 363

5. Which of the following has been described as a watershed in the evolution of sport sponsorship?

A. Los Angeles Olympic Games
B. development of the X Games
C. NFL’s Super Bowl
D. college basketball’s March Madness

Page: 363

6. The man behind the success of the new commercial mind-set brought to the Los Angeles Olympics was:

A. Mark McCormack
B. Peter Ueberroth
C. Roone Arledge
D. Bill Veeck

Page: 363

7. The “2-2-1 Plan” instituted by Major League Baseball and its baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth did which of the following:

A. sold 2 hot dogs and 2 beverages for 1 price that included game tickets B. required companies to commit to $2 million in advertising, $2 million in promotional spending, and $1 million in cash or in-kind fees annually C. required all sponsors to commit to MLB for no less than three years D. both B & C above

Page: 365

8. Reasons for the tremendous growth in sport sponsorship over the past two decades include:

A. the commercial success of the Los Angeles Olympics
B. the increased media interest in sport
C. sponsorship being viewed as a way for companies to break through the clutter of traditional advertising D. all of the above

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9. Targeted sponsorships enable corporate marketers to reach:

A. specific segments, such as heavy users
B. shareholders and investors
C. specific groups that have similar demographics, psychographics, or geographic commonality D. all of the above

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10. One major reason why Golden Flake Snack Foods selected the Southeastern Conference (SEC) as a sponsorship platform was the ability to tap into the:

A. male demographic
B. middle class demographic
C. female and family demographic
D. Southeast region of the U.S.

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11. PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew brand has built a sponsorship franchise with Dew Tour specifically to reach the:

A. older generation with high family incomes
B. fan who dislikes the taste of Coke
C. health conscious outdoors person
D. Gen-Xers

Page: 366

12. Today’s sport sponsorship can be described as:

A. companies delving into a sponsorship program because the CEO wants to B. a discipline involving serious research, large investments, and strategic planning C. a company’s CEO being knowledgeable about the sport sponsorship business and making the decision him/herself D. a company wanting to be associated with a sport team because of the interaction with professional athletes

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13. Return on investment (ROI) in the sport...
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