Speech III: Informative

Topics: Lung cancer, Tobacco smoking, Cancer Pages: 4 (1084 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Speech III: Informative

Term Topic Question: Should smoking be banned in open public places?

I. Introduction

A. Attention-Gaining Strategy: “Try it and you will love the feeling”, as my friends will say urging me to smoke a cigarette. Smoking is an uncontrollable habit to quit, since it contains a substance known as nicotine that is very addictive. As the human mind becomes accustomed to nicotine, it is very difficult to abstain since an individual feels the need to smoke in order to feel normal. Smoking is one of the most widespread habits around the world with an alarmingly elevated demand in cigarettes, despite its side effects.

One might think smoking is characterized with ignorant people, since smoking causes diseases such as cancer and heart failure. Why should I bother, since none of my family members smoke? That is where the real facts come in. In the United States an estimated 24.8 million men (23.1 percent) and 21.1 million women (18.3 percent) are smokers. These people are at higher risk of heart attack and stroke. The latest estimates for persons age 18 and older show that 23.5 percent of men and 20.6 percent of women among whites are smokers (2008), 25.6 percent of men and 17.8 percent of women among blacks smoke, 20.7 percent of men and 10.7 percent of women among Hispanics smoke, 9.9 percent of Asian adults smoke and 24.3 percent of American Indian/Alaska Native adults smoke

B. Need to Listen/Importance to Audience: I know many of you might change your mind on smoking, in order to be eliminated from these statistics, but on a more serious note smoking should be considered lethal since it causes about 30% of all cancer deaths and polluting our environment with its harmful chemicals; Whereas the estimated number of people who die in the United States from smoking related Illnesses amounting to 440,000.

C. Credibility: My main topic for the remainder of the semester deals with the effects of smoking and if there should...
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