Spatial Information and Occupational Roles in the SIS Industry

Topics: Geographic information system, Remote sensing, Surveying Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: June 19, 2014

Prepare for work in the spatial information services industry Assessment 1: Spatial Information and Occupational Roles in the SIS Industry

Part A
1. In your own words, define spatial. Use the internet, or perhaps even a dictionary to find a range of explanations and use this information to formulate your own. SPATIAL is a word that can be associated to size of an area or abject. It can be also related to space, like physical space between objects. Another use is in relation to things happening or existing in space. 2. Compile a list of approximately 10 spatial products currently on the market. Maps (paper and electronic), mobile phones and tablets with GPS and APPs that can be used to give spatial locations, computer software’s, measuring tapes, rulers, compass, total station units, Pacific Crest ADL radios, satellite radios, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, laser scanner units, calculators, measuring wheels, cameras (recorder and photographic) etc. Part B

In your own words, define the following terms:
1. Cartography
It is the art or technique of making maps.
2. Surveying
It is the processes of collecting data in relation to something, in e.g.: Land Surveying, Fish surveying, etc. 3. Photogrammetry
It is the processes of making maps or measurements an area using photos. 4. remote sensing
It is when you use equipment like a satellite or radar to scan the Earth or other planets and obtain information about it. 5. global positioning systems (GPS)
GPS are system of satellites, computers, and receivers that can indicate the position of a receiver in relation to the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth. 6. Drafting
It is the representation or a draft of an object or an area with specific measures. It is normally done with the aid of rulers, scales, compasses, etc. 7. geographical information systems (GIS)
A system, normally a computer with an application used to store, view, and analyse geographical information,...

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2. www.­geodetic.­com.­au
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