South Africa's Economic Role in Africa

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South Africa’s Economic Role in Africa
In reference to South Africa’s business ventures in Africa, Matu Wamae, Kenyan legislator and businessman says, “If we continue doing this we’ll end up owning nothing in Kenya. They are looking for control and that’s where the conflict is coming in. They bulldoze their way around. It seems like they still have the old attitudes of the old South Africa.” Do you agree with this statement? If you do, outline a clear set of arguments, (backed by concrete examples) to support your position. If you do not, provide counter-arguments supported by evidence.

We strongly disagree with the statements made, and through our presentation we will be showing the positive impact South Africa’s expansion into the region has already had and the importance of their role in Africa. Former president Nelson Mandela’s words still resonate, South Africa cannot escape African destiny, if we do not devote our energies to this continent, we too could fall victim of the forces that brought ruin to its various parts” We have set up a question and answer interview role play with the Department of Trade and Industry Minister Mr. Rob Davies and a Kenyan interviewer. Our question and responses will illustrate the examples where South Africa has played an important role in Africa’s economic Development.

Introduction of Mr. Rob Davies Minister of the Department of Trade and Industry and interviewer Mr. Arnold Djabosaki.

Q. There has been sentiment that South Africa is out to bulldoze its prominence and leadership on the rest of Africa through bullying and control. Kenyan legislator Matu Wamae once said of South Africa, “They are looking for control and that’s where the conflict comes is, it seems like they still have the attitudes of the old South Africa” We as an administration strongly disagree with the comments made. Q. While it appears that your administration is taking an altruistic view on the issue, it does not answer the question regarding...
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