Solution Manual Auditing Theory-Cabrera, 2010, Chapter1

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I.Review Questions

1.Refer to page 2, paragraph 3 of the textbook.

2.Refer to page 3, paragraph 2 of the textbook.

3.Refer to page 4, paragraph 2 of the textbook.

4.In an assurance engagement, a practitioner aims to provide a high or moderate level of assurance that an assertion being made by one party for use by another party can be relied upon while in a consulting engagement, the practitioner aims to provide professional advice on how the limited resources of an enterprise can be put into optimal use in order to attain the company’s objectives.

5.Examples of assurance engagements on information technology are:

a)CPA Web Trust Service
b)Information System Reliability Service

Refer to page 7 of the textbook for a brief discussion of these services.

6.Refer to page 10 of the textbook.

7.Refer to pages 12 to 17 of the textbook.

8.Refer to page 18, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the textbook.

9.Refer to pages 15 to 23 of the textbook.

10.Refer to pages 20 to 22 of the textbook.

II.Multiple Choice Questions

|1. c |5. d |9. d |13. d | | |2. a |6. c |10. c |14. c | | |3. d |7. d |11. d | | | |4. d |8. d |12. c | | |

III.Comprehensive Cases

Case 1.(a)The purpose of CPA reporting on internal control is to provide assurance about whether management’s assertion about internal control is fairly stated in all material respects, based on the control criteria being followed. Thus, for example, an examination provides the highest degree of assurance that information produced by...
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