Soil Erosion

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Detailed Lesson Plan in Science IV
(Soil Erosion)

I. Learning Objectives
a. Identify the agents of soil erosion.
b. Explain how each agents cause erosion.
c. Perform related activities enhancing knowledge about soil erosion.
d. Enumerate ways and means on how to help prevent soil erosion.

II. Subject Matter
a. Topic: Soil Erosion
b. References:

c. Concepts: Soil Erosion and its Effects
d. Sciences Processes: Observation, Experimenting, Analysing
e. Materials: 2 large panssprinkler with watergold fish bowl
f. Values: To develop awareness on how to prevent soil erosion III. Learning Activities
A. Daily RoutineGood Morning class. How are you today? Let’s start our lesson by picking pieces of garbage under our chair. Then Align your chairs properly. Keep away all the unrelated things on our subject Science. Leaders from different lines please inspect the fingernails of your member and report afterwards to the class.Energizer All together let sing this song. The TOPSOIL DanceTo do the dance: When the chorus sings “topsoil” wave your hands above your head. On “subsoil,” wave them by your shoulders. On “bedrock,” wave them by your waistTopsoilSubsoilAndBedrockHands at the topAnd then the middleAnd the bottom y’all…TopsoilSubsoilAndBedrockListen up, now, I’m gonna tell ya…They call it TOPSOIL‘cause it’s found at the top.It’s a natural product of subsoil and bedrock.It’s the best soil for growing plants.So let me see you move your body to the topsoil dance!Top SoilSub SoilAndBedrockmmmm…Sing it with Soil, Sister BrotherTop SoilSub SoilAndBedrockAnd move your hands to show me all those layers now…Top SoilSub SoilAnd BedrockYou got soil!You got soil, yeah!Top SoilSub SoilAnd BedrockBut that’s not all that I want you to know…That’s also SUBSOILIt’s the next layer downAnd below that is the bedrockBut they are not as good for growing plants,So let me see you move your body to the topsoil danceTop SoilSub SoilAndBedrockErosion NEVER STOPS 2013Erosion never stops 2xWind and rain wear away Earth each dayThis process then continues at nightEvery rock on the Earth’s surface is eroding and changing day and nightErosion never stops! 3x(Repeat from the start)B. Review(The teacher will show an terrarium with layers of soil (topsoil, subsoil, bedrock) The layers of rock and soil are part of the beauty of your terrarium. Class, what is this? We call this one terrarium. It is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. It is made in just about any glass container. What does it look like?Who among you can still remember the different layers of Soil?Can someone differentiate the three? Explain each layer.What about topsoil?How about the second layer?And the last layer is what we call the _______.From the word itself “Bedrock” what does it means? Very good class! By that you prove to me that you really learned the lesson because you still remember it and you really understand the layers of soil. B. Motivation ( Teacher will provide a sound effect like a meeting de avance) Edelweiss, 15 to 20 years from now, if you are given a chance to become a mayor or being a public servant with any position in our government. What will be you platform in terms of environmental awareness for us to give our vote to you and choose you from the rest? Wow. I’ll just want to recommend you to improve the tag line “Plant more trees” rather let’s have “Plant and Grow More Trees.”I see that you all have your own suggestions regarding the improvement and development of our community still with environmental concerns. I hope that in every decision you made be sure that it will not affects our environment and put it on danger. Think twice, thrice on ways how to meet the development and progress without risking our environment because all of us especially You, Youth holds our future.| Good Morning Teacher Ley. We are feeling great, thank you.(The pupils...
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