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Sociology 7-9:30 tues and thurs
Ms. Kelley: office hours Tuesday and Thursdays 9-10:30 am

Tuesday Aug 26
Hw: read pages 1-10

Thursday Aug 28:
Thinking Like a Sociologist (ch 1)
Sociology Defined
Systematic study of social interaction
Systematic-regular and patterned
Social interaction- acting and reacting
Unique vs. patterned
Buzzfeed lists
Not common sense
Happiness in marriage (ball and chain symbol)
Men and women are actually happier in marriage
Sociological Imagination
Connects personal troubles and public issues
Involves micro and macros sociology
Micro sociology- individual interactions
Macro sociology- large scale patterns
Ex: illness: macro could be you get sick and have a lot of doctor bills macro could be there aren’t room in hospitals for all the sick people Ex: unemployment: macro could be you don’t have any money to buy yourself clothes macro could be a recession bc people don’t have jobs Why study sociology?

Making informed decisions, understanding diversity, social and public policies, thinking critically, and expands career opportunities. Making informed decisions
Sociological knowledge will help you make informed decisions Second guess common sense claims
Methods as a criteria
See the big picture
Understanding diversity
Central theme in sociology
Leads to understanding differing characteristics
Social and public policies
Be able to engage in social change
Theoretical perspectives
Involved in applied, clinical, and policy settings
Thinking critically
Discourages impulse decision making
Enhances knowledge and problem solving
Takes into consideration all views and data
Expands career opportunities
Sociologists find careers in
Administrative support
Social services
Sales and marketing
Origins of sociological theory
Auguste Comte
Papa of sociology
Coined term
Info should be empirical
Info should be based on data
Saw sociology as study of
Social statics
Ex: education and politics
Social dynamics
Change over time
Harriet Martineau
The mother of sociology
Translated the work of Comte
Wrote the 1st sociology methods book
Data collection
Objection analysis
A feminist and opponent of slavery and rights to elderly
Dismissed as too radical
Emile Durkheim
Believed in the study of social facts
Discussed division of labor in society
Researched social integration

Durkheim social facts
Believed sociology should study social facts
Social facts are external and measurable
3 types:
non material- communication
social currents
Durkheim Division of Labor
Division of labor connects to social solidarity
Division of labor-interdependence of tasks
Social solidarity-social cohesiveness
Ex:tailor and farmer could trade food for clothes
Durkheim Social Integration
First study of data to support a sociological theory
Suicide^ meaningful relationships=\/suicide??????? Ask some1 Karl Marx
Class conflict
Marx: Capitalism
Said capitalism produces division
Capitalism: ownership of means of production in private hands Breeds 3 social classes
Petit bourgeoisie-small business owners
Proletariat-masses of workers
Marx: class conflict
Society comprised of haves and have nots
Capitalism leads to class conflict
haves: exploit workers
have nots: resist but depend on haves
Bloody revolution lead to classlessness
Marx: Alienation
Capitalism leads to alienation
Alienation- feeling of separation from society
Both classes are alienated
Proletariats b/c they don’t own
Capitalists b/c purely profile ? makers
HW: read rest of ch 1

Tuesday September 2
Thinking Like a Sociologist (ch 1 part 2)
Max Weber: Social Organization
Society is shaped and changed by:
Ideas, religious values, ideologies, and charismatic leaders Understand society through
Social organization and interrelationships
Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism...
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