Society may collapse as a result of corruption.

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Society may collapse as a result of corruption.
Corruption is the abuse of public resources to enrich or give unfair advantage to individuals, their families or their friends. Common forms of corruption are:- A business or individual pays a bribe to a government official in order to be given a government contract or license, the use of government owned resources, such as motor vehicles for private use , a government official takes advantage of his or her position to favor a family member or business associate for a job or tender contract. This is commonly known as Nepotism and the one that everyone knows of, a police officer solicits a bribe or a member of the public offers one in order to escape lawful punishment. Corruption affects us all it threatens sustainable economic development, ethical values and justice it destabilizes our society and endangers the rule of law. It undermines the institutions and values of our young democracy to be dependent on the government for housing, health, education, security and welfare, makes the poor most vulnerable to corruption since it stalls service delivery. Delays in infrastructure development, poor building quality and layers of additional costs are all consequences of corruption. Many acts of corruption deprive our citizens of their constitutional and their human rights Public money is for government services and projects. Taxes collected, bonds issued, income from government investments and other means of financing government expenditure are meant for social grants, education, hospital, roads, the supply of power and water and to ensure the personal security of our citizens. Corruption and bad management practices eat into the nation’s wealth, channeling money away from such projects and the very people most dependent on government for support. In conclusion I would like to say is that corruption is the cancer that eats away our society, the fat cats on the top while the under dogs will be oppressed and if we stand...
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