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INSTRUCTIONS: Write ten (10) numbers per page. Leave the BACK PAGE empty. No space between numbers. Write legibly your answer. ERASURES are NOT ALLOWED!

I.TRUE or FALSE. Write T if the statement is true, or F if the statement is false.
____1.Japan wanted to become a leader of Asian nations.
____2.Just like the Americans, the Japanese enlisted the support of the filipino elite in running the govt.
____3.Due to loss of property and reduced means of livelihood, poverty was lessened.
____4.The Huks were the most ineffective and unsufficient fighters against the Japanese
____5.Manuel Roxas issued a proclamation declaring as illegal the existence of the Huks.
____6.Elpidio Quirino’s foreign policy was aimed at continuing “unfriendly relations with the counties of the world”
____7.Rural upliftment and development such as “Land for the Landless” was initiated by Ramon Magsaysay.
____8.Ferdinand Marcos’ objective was the implementation of the land reform program.
____9.Philippine independence day was changed from July 4 to June 13 by Diosdado Macapagal.
____10.Constitutional authoritarianism has the function to protect or restore the traditional, legal order in crisis situations
____11.There were no bombings in July and August 1972 engineered by government agents.
____12.Juan Ponce Enrile was ambushed according to the US-Marcos controlled press.
____13.Marcos declared martial law because he wanted to recolonize Philippine society.
____14.The 1000 decrees can be modify by Marcos and the national assembly which he controls.
____15.The Philipines wanted U.S. not to pay rent for the use of bases instead of economic and military aid.
____16.Ms. Aquino restored democratic institutions.
____17.The government under the leadership of Aquino proposed a medium term development program.
____18.The Ramos government didn’t dismantled monopolies, and cartels.
____19.The social reform agenda was proposed by Fidel V. Ramos.
____20.Mr. Estrada planned to initiate pro-poor programs.

II. MATCHMAKING. Write the letter of your choice. Please refer to II. Choices

____21.Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7,1941.
____22.Literacy rate is 93.9%
____23.CARP was the centrepiece of this administration
____24. Created to recover the ill-gotten wealth of Marcos
____25.Called on the religious and lay people to go to camp Aguinaldo to support RAM
____26.Became the rallying point for the people’s struggle to be free of the dictatorship.
____27.Global shocks resulted in increase in foreign debt.
____28.Through this act Marcos’ provided incentives and protection to foreign investors
____29.It further advanced American economic interests by extending American rights to all economic activities.
____30.Involve in numerous projects of “rural development” for intelligence-gathering purposes.
____31.Contributes to the economy thru their dollar remittances
____32.It has multi-party system
____33.The group affected by the depreciating peso
____34.It is were foreign policy and dealings are grounded.
____35.The basis of Aquino’s government economic program

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____36.Religious, lay people, cause-oriented groups march to camp Aguinaldo to oppose Marcos government
____37.It made Filipinos angry and restive against the Marcos regime.
____38.The agency that reported 399 malversation cases in govt. in 1984
____39.By 1986 it was $26 billion
____40. Membership and military strength of insurgent groups.
____41. Adopted a mailed-fist policy
____42.He called for honesty, uprightness and simple living
____43.He called for more work, more thrift, more productive investment, less extravagant consumption
____44.He wanted to bring freedom and progress to the barrios.
____45.His policies were directed at restoring the faith and confidence of the people.
____46.He aimed at rebuilding the economy.
____47.A possible solution to the economic crisis
____48.Subsidized by CIA in Manila
____49.Endorsed the Taiwan Straits Resolution
____50.Antinuclear provisions

III. Give the real name of the following Organizations. Choose the letter of your best answer from III. Choices


//Page 2 of Philippine History

A.1987 constitution
B.Resistance to martial law
D.Manuel Roxas
E.Declare war on Japan
F.Social state of Philippine society
G.Martyrdom of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino
H.Foreign investment act
I.Diosdado Macapagal
J.Overseas filipino workers
L.Laurel-Langley agreement
M.Ramon Magsaysay
N.Middle class
P.Economic diplomacy
Q.Jaime Cardinal Sin
R.Economic crisis
T.Foreign debt
U.Free market economics
V.Bloodless revolution, snap revolution
W.Elpidio Quirino
X.Foreign correspondent club
Y.Free trade
Z.Carlos Garcia
a.Mass poverty
b.Ferdinand Marcos
c.Commission on Audit
III. Choices
A. Association of Southeast Nations
U. Association of Southwest Nations
B. Hukbo ng Bayan laban sa hapon
V. Hubo ng bayan laban sa hapon
C. Visiting forces agreement
W. Visitors’ forces agreement
D. Presedential Commission on good government
X .Presedential committee on good government
E Philippine civil affairs unit
Y. Philippine civic affairs unit
F. World trade organization
Z. World traders organization
G. National movement for free election
H. Lakas ng Bayan
I. National democratic font
J. Pambansang kaisahan ng mga mambubukid
K. Presidential anti-crime commission
L. Joint U.S. military group
M. Social reform agenda
O. Moro national liberation font
P. Philippine civic action group
Q. Comprehensive agrarian reform program
R. Southeast asia treaty organization
S. Gross national product
T. Association of southeast asia
N. International Monetary Fund

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