social psychology note

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1. Relation to other areas of psychology Perception and cognition Motivation and emotion Neuropsychology Developmental Conditioning and learning Personality Abnormal psychology Sociology Anthropology Political science Economics Law and jurisprudence Marketing and advertising Medical science Philosophy

2. Definition
Gordon Allport:

3. Social Perception and cognition
Implicit personality theory
Attribution theory
Attitude structure
Social cognition
Decision making

4. Social influence
Group dynamics
Conformity, compliance, obedience
Attitude change and persuasion

5. Social relations
Interpersonal attraction
Interpersonal and intergroup conflict
Prejudice and discrimination

6. The self
Self-enhancement /defense
Social comparison
Self in social judgment

7. The orientation of social psychology
Lay dispositionism
Testing theoretical variables
Emphasis on non-obvious hypotheses -insufficient justification -relative deprivation -attitude-behavior; behavior--attitude

8. Stability of findings
History and culture bound

Every other week

Importance of social perception

Person perception and object perception similarities: impose structure, categorization maintain stability, dispositional inferences expectancy-guided, stereotypes differences: casual agency people are capable of volitional action judge people according to their motives and intentions equifinality people can implement many different strategies to achieve the same goal self-relevance the judgments we make about others affect our self-esteem and self concept dynamic people perceive us back, causing us to adjust our self-presentations subjectivity judgments about people are not easily verified

Inferring personal attributes: attribution theory people are like

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