Social Changes

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After a nine-month long bloodbath Bangladesh gained its independence in 1971. Since then to today, more than thirty-seven years has been passed. It’s a long time for a country to rebuild its structure and all other things in its own way. In this period in our country some things has been changed very quickly, some things have changed gradually, some things are changing and some things are unchanged. In this trend of change the society of Bangladesh also changed more or less. Here we will see what the changes in our society are after the independence to till now. First we see what social change is-

Social Change
Social changes are the changes in social institutions, social values, social relationships, norms or any other structural change in society at large. In Bangladesh social changes have been occurred from various perspectives. Now we’ll describe the social changes in our country with the factors which influence our people and society to change. Factors Affecting Social Changes in Bangladesh:

To describe social changes in our country, we’ll divide the changes in following factors- Physical Environmental Factors
In the perspective of Bangladesh, physical environmental factors affected social changes in a great extent. After the independence to present time Bangladesh has faced lots of natural disasters. Every year most of our land flooded with overflowing water of the inland rivers. It causes great havoc to our people & crops. Because of regular flood in most of the areas the society has been shaped in a particular style which is absent in societies of unaffected areas of the country. In these areas people don’t make the houses with expensive materials which will be affected by the flood and as a whole structural pattern of these areas are different than the other normal areas of the country. Biological Factors

The biological factors like the size and composition of population produce social changes. The increased growth of population in the...
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