Single Party States Notes

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Alexandra Gavonel
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March 23 2013

Unit 4: Single Party States notes

From: Topic 3- Themes and Exams Tips
Chapter: “Origins and development of authoritarian and single party states”

“What constitutes an authoritarian or single-party state?” Country or state to be classed as an authoritarian or single party state: * Only one legal political party
* A leader chosen by or from the military following a revolution * Group or leader that controls the state even though there are existing parties * Jean Kirkpatrick (US ambassador-United Nations) once expressed that authoritarian state was “better than” a totalitarian state- a chance that it would move towards democracy (p.o.v expressed during the Cold War) Characteristics in common- authoritarian or single-party:

* Little-no freedom of speech
* No freedom of:
* Assembly (government must approve meetings)
* To travel abroad
* No idependent judicial system
* All sources of information censored
* Any idea against the regime will be harshly punished (opposition to them) * “A leader whose popularity is reinforced by personality cult”

Not all states the share charactersistcs some are less oppressive but they all share the strict control over the freedom of the people and use different methods to hold on to power.

The age of Kings and Emperors ended with WWI

20th century one of the bloodiest century in history- includes 2 major world wars

Left and right wing:

Left- wing: Describes the single party, leaders and states that are communist or socialist. Example: Nasser, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Neyerere

Right wing: Most fascist leaders of the 20th century began their political careers as members of socialist parties. Fascist leaders and states – right wing
Examples: Hitler, Mussoluni and Franco
Policies supportive of capitalism as an economic system, ultra nationalist, some cases they promoted religion as a way to unite the people....
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