Since Hanna Moved Away Analysis

Topics: Poetry, High school, Primary Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: September 20, 2014

The tires on my bike are flat.
The sky is grouchy gray. 

At least it sure feels like that

(Since Hanna moved away. 


Chocolate ice cream tastes like prunes. 

December's come to stay. 

They've taken back the Mays and Junes

(Since Hanna moved away. 


Flowers smell like halibut,
Velvet feels like hay. 

Every handsome dog's a mutt
(Since Hanna moved away. 


(Nothing's fun) to laugh about,
(Nothing's fun) to play. 

They call me, but I won't come out

(Since Hanna moved away.)

Device 1: Similes
Device 2: Repetition
Device 3: Rhyme

The poet wrote that ‘Velvet feels like hay’, which is a simile. This expressed how saddened the persona was when her friend Hanna moved house as even the most expensive and comfortable kind of material and cloth, velvet feels like prickly and unbearable, like hay. The poet keeps repeating the same words ‘since Hanna moved away’, which is to emphasize and reinforce what happened after the friend moved house and let the reader keep in mind that Hanna had already moved away.

The poem makes me feel empathetic towards the persona, feeling saddened and rather depressed for the persona as her friend just moved away and she might not be able to play with her or even see her at all. The poet stated that ‘Nothing's fun to laugh about, / Nothing's fun to play.’ Which means the persona do not seem to be interested in anything or have cheered up or be happy at all ever since her friend had moved house. This is relevant to a few aspects of our lives as the persona, must have had some difficulty adjusting to change when her friend moved away and was interested in practically nothing, just like how we needed to adjust to the big change from primary to secondary school and needed some time to get use to the secondary school’s subjects and timings.
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