Significance of the 'Grave-digger scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The Significance of the Gravedigger Scene in Hamlet
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Significance of the gravedigger scene

he gravedigger scene in Hamlet is one of the most analyzed, criticized, and commented ones in English literature. It is the icon image of the play, as it is shown, ‘a man holding a human skull in his hand’, just as the ‘blooded dagger’ refers to Macbeth, another tragedy by Shakespeare. Therefore, it requires a close and careful study to examine the significance of the scene. We have to look for why the very scene is set on the plot; the characteristic, setting, and the intention of the scene should be examined; and to do so, we have to study it part by part, e.g. the gravedigger’s part, Hamlet’s meditation, Ophelia’s funeral and so on. It is also important to see what impact it gives to the main plot of the play....
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