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Topics: Meaning of life, Linguistics, Semantics Pages: 20 (6975 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Примерный перечень вопросов к экзамену по всему курсу стилистики английского языка.

1. The subject of stylistics. Its definition, its connection with other branches of linguistics. 2. Expressive means and stylistic devices.
3. Meaning from stylistic point of view.
4. Phonetic expressive means and stylistic devices (onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance). 5. Phonetic expressive means and stylistic devices (euphony, rhyme, rhythm). 6. Graphical expressive means and stylistic devices (marks of punctuation, kinds of type). 7. Graphical expressive means and stylistic devices (graphon, its stylistic function). 8. Metaphor (trite, genuine, prolonged), personification.

9. Metonymy (trite, genuine), irony.
10. Epithets (semantic and structural classification).
11. Interjection of logical and emotive meanings (interjections and exclamatory words). 12. Stylistic devices based on polysemantic effect (zeugma, pun). 13. Oxymoron, antonomasia.
14. Intensification of a certain feature of phenomenon (simile, hyperbole, understatement). 15. Intensification of a certain feature of phenomenon (periphrasis, euphemism). 16. Proverbs and sayings.

17. Epigrams, paradox, allusion.
18. Spans of utterance larger than a sentence (supra-phrasal unit, paragraph). 19. Stylistic inversion, detachment.
20. Parallel constructions, chiasmus.
21. Repetition (all cases).
22. Enumeration, suspense.
23. Climax, anticlimax, antithesis.
24. Asyndeton, polysyndeton, the gap-sentence link.
25. Ellipsis, break-in-the narrative.
26. Peculiar use of colloquial constructions (uttered represented speech). 27. Peculiar use of colloquial constructions (unuttered represented speech). 28. Transferred use of structural meaning (rhetorical question, litotes). 29. The main peculiarities of belles-lettres style.

30. The main peculiarities of publicistic style.
31. The main peculiarities of newspaper style.
32. The main peculiarities of scientific and official style. The subject of stylistics. Its connection with other disciplines. Stylistics - branch of general linguistics. It has mainly with two tasks: St-s – is regarded as a lang-ge science which deals with the results of the act of communication. There are 2 basic objects of st-s: - stylistic devices and figures of speech; - functional styles. Branches of st-s: - Lexical st-s – studies functions of direct and figurative meanings, also the way contextual meaning of a word is realized in the text. L.S. deals with various types of connotations – expressive, evaluative, emotive; neologisms, dialectal words and their behavior in the text. - Grammatical st-s – is subdivided into morphological and syntactical. Morph-l s. views stylistic potential of gram-l categories of dif-t parts of speech. Potential of the number, pronouns…- Syntactical s. studies syntactic, expressive means, word order and word combinations, dif-t types of sentences and types of syntactic connections. Also deals with origin of the text, its division on the paragraphs, dialogs, direct and indirect speech, the connection of the sentences, types of sentences. - Phonostylistics – phonetical organization of prose and poetic texts. Here are included rhythm, rhythmical structure, rhyme, alliteration, assonance and correlation of the sound form and meaning. Also studies deviation in normative pronunciation. - Functional S (s. of decoding) – deals with all subdivisions of the language and its possible use (newspaper, colloquial style). Its object - correlation of the message and communicative situation. Expressive means and stylistic devices

Stylistics studies the special media of language which are called stylistic devices and expressive means. Expressive means and stylistic devices form three large groups of phonetic, lexical, syntactical means and devices. Each group is further subdivided according to the principle, purpose and function of a mean or a device in an utterance. Stylistics studies the types of texts which...
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