Should Human Organs Be Allowed for Sale? Essay Example

Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: October 29, 2006
Human Organs for Sale

To some, the sale of human organs in the Untied States is a simple economic market comprising of a buyer, a seller, and a product. But to most, the issue is much more ethical and complex. The sale of human organs can never be a purely economical situation because that market includes the current and future health of both buyer and seller. While I believe that there is something wrong about a living person selling their body parts, I do not believe that the government has a right to tell people what they can and cannot do to their own bodies.

The market for the sale of human organs worldwide seems to be divided into two categories, the first group is comprised of people who are seeking to make a profit off their organs while they are still alive. It is true that the majority of these people are poor, but I do not think that they are being used or taken advantage of. These people, who are so desperate to find a way out of poverty, are able to give up something that they do not need in order to live and therefore start a new life for themselves in return for a slight decrease in their health. Without being able to sell their organs, many of these people would not be able to improve their lives. The second group is comprised of people who are seeking to make a profit off their organs at their death, with payments going to themselves while they remain living or to their families or charity after they die. This portion of the market seems to be nothing more than encouragement and compensation for donating organs, which could be done voluntarily, but this group decides to make a profit out of their death. If this group was no longer able to sell it's organs, these people would no longer have an incentive to give up an organ and many sick people would not receive transplants. I believe that the sale of human organs in America should not be illegal, because the government does not have the right to tell people what they can do to themselves....
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