Sheng Siong Analysis

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* Faculty of Business Administration

A121BSS Introduction to Business Organizations


STUDENT NAME: Nang Hseng Sandar

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1.Organization Structure & Management Leadership3-5

2.Supply Chain & Distribution Channel Structure5-6

3.Marketing & Promotion6-7

4.Financial Performance for last 3 years7-8



1. Organization Structure & Management Leadership

* Corporation

Sheng Siong firstly corporate as a private company named "Sheng Siong Group Pte. Ltd" but on July 4, 2011 it was changed into a public company "Sheng Siong Group Ltd" offering public shares and consisting four branches of collaborators Sheng Siong Company, SS Supermarket, CMM Marketing and SS Malaysia (Sheng Siong Group Ltd 2010).

As Sheng Siong is offering shares to the public and trying to secure the shares, Sheng Siong has already assigned to SGX-ST (Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited) which gives permissions to share holders and stake holders to be able to contribute in the equity of Sheng Siong. All the applications will be granted when Sheng Siong has registered in the list of main board of the SGX-ST. However, the applications are accepted by Sheng Siong, if these shares are not recognized by the SGX-ST, all the money will be returned without any profits and advantages (Sheng Siong Group Ltd 2010).

According to Sheng Siong's organization structure, Sheng Siong is a public corporation and publically traded all around Singapore. As a public corporation, Sheng Siong has a lot of partners in many house brands and products such as tissue paper, rice, sugar, baby diapers and laundry detergent which prices are completely lower than any other competitive supermarkets. In order to merchandise various products continuously without running out of stock, Sheng Siong has joined over 1,000 suppliers and contract manufacturers to give endless comfort and convenience to customers. It can be said that Sheng Siong has knowledge about what Singapore consumers like by observing the right choice of products such as live seafood, Chinese traditional food, canned food, sauces like oyster sauces and many kinds of noodles. Sheng Siong also possesses a strong support from CMM Marketing Management in purchasing, financial, marketing, information technology, human resource, warehousing and logistics (Sheng Siong Group Ltd 2010).

Besides, Sheng Siong is running their business effectively by increasing their productivity and profits everyday through perfect relationships between suppliers and contract manufacturers. Sheng Siong is also offering as fresh the products as they can and reduce costs for the middle class of Singapore consumers and increasing the control of products' quality to make sure that all customers get satisfaction. In addition, Sheng Siong is providing two kinds of shopping options as there are wet and dry options with 3 wet market stalls, 22 Supermarkets and 1 Hypermarket (Sheng Siong Group Ltd 2010).

* Management Leadership

Nowadays, Sheng Siong is the biggest retailer in Singapore for developing many house brand products than the other retail markets. Sheng Siong was starting to be well-known of rice products as they can offer many brands of rice which are in very good quality and without being much expensive. Sheng Siong could also introduce many new brands in canned food, dried food, frozen food, detergents and household paper products. As the consequences, customers become to be able to choose their favorite brands and also becoming to start using new brands that Sheng Siong just introduced ahead of other retailers in Singapore. Sheng Siong always intends to give convenient shopping for customers as they began to accept the credit card payments, Visa, China Union Pay and NETS. This access of payment...
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