Shampooing Hair (Procedure & Rationale)

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Washing, cleansing or removing dirt or other impurities from the scalp and hair of the patient confined in bed.

1. To wash the hair and the scalp of patient in bed, to keep it clean and fresh. 2. To stimulate circulation of the blood in the scalp.
3. To prevent infestations of lice and eliminate infection. 4. To assess the textures of the hair so that nutritional deficiency and poor hygiene practices can be detected. 5. To improve appearance and morale of the patient.

Certain medical conditions, such as head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and arthritis, could place the patient at risk for injury during shampooing because of positioning and manipulation of patient’s head and neck.

Special Considerations:
1. The frequency of shampooing the hair varies considerably among individuals. 2. Discuss the time of day for shampooing with the patient. Choose a time when the client is rested and can rest after the procedure.

• comb and hair brush
• large basin or pail
• 2 large pitchers – 1 with warm water, 1 with cold water • 2 bath towels
• 1 face towel / washcloth
• rubber draw sheet
• bath blanket
• bottle of shampoo and conditioner (optional)
• inflated kelly pad
• cotton balls
• old news paper
• stool/chair

|PROCEDURE |RATIONALE | |Assess the hair and scalp prior to initiating the procedure. |This determines the presence of any conditions that may require the | | |use of special shampoo or treatment (e.g., for dandruff or removal of | |...
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