Seven Ages of a Leader

Topics: Management, Leadership, Face transplant Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Each stages of leadership brings new crises and challenges. Every new leader faces the misperceptions and the personal needs and agendas of those who are to be led. The seven ages of leadership give a clear idea about the different stages of leadership. They are, •The Infant Executive

The Schoolboy with shining face
The Lover ,with a woeful ballad
The Bearded Soldier
The General, Full of wise saws
The statesman, with spectacles Nose
The sage, second childishness
The initial stage of the leader says that the leader is like a child and he needs others dependency and support. He do everything with the support of others. The next stage is like a school boy with shining face. In that time the leadership experience is an agonizing education like parenting. In the third stage the leader is the lover with a woeful ballad. One mark of the future leaders is the ability to identify. Today’s leaders would instantly recognize the young king’s predicament. New comer or not , almost all leaders find themselves at some point in the position of having to ask others to leave the organization. In the fourth age of the leadership is like the bearded soldier. At the case of over time leaders grow comfortable with the role . This comfort brings more confidence to the leaders In this stage leaders may forget the true impact of their words and actions at that the leader think that there is no need for hearing what the followers said . In this stage the leader acts very strictly and adopt a seriousness character The next age of leadership is like the general with full of wise saws. One of the greatest challenges faced by the leader is that the leader’s career is not simply allowing people to speak the truth but actually being able to hear it. In this stage the leader is with the feature of wise saws. In the fifth stage the leader is like a statesman , with spectacles. The leader in this stage is often hard at work he prepare...
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