Sequencing Objectives

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Sequencing objectives within classes and courses within curriculum is important because much of what we learn is developed through building blocks of knowledge. For example, in my current field, one must know medical terminology and anatomy and physiology in order to begin a coding class. If one does not know where the pyriform sinus is in the human body, one cannot assign "history of pyriform sinus cancer" the correct V-code. One would assume that since the word "sinus" is in the phrase, the V-code would be included in the nasal cavity and sinus grouping. The pyriform sinus is actually located in the pharynx; therefore, the V-code would be in the grouping with oral cavity and pharynx.

Sequencing of the Course and Curriculum
Reigeluth and Stein refer to macrolevel sequencing, giving the students an overview (epitome) that outlines the fundamental aspects of the course first. Instruction progresses with each idea being more detailed and elaborating upon the previous one. Objectives are developed to insure that prerequisite skills are covered before advancing to the next objective.

Sequencing of Skills within the Topic
Basic skills are taught first within each topic, building upon each other.

Analyzing Topic Objectives to Determine Learning Outcomes
This approach examines the relationship between the course map and the unit map. This approach looks at objectives from different learning domains and the relationship between each, sequencing to insure that prerequisite skills are covered in earlier lessons.

Sequencing of Skills within Lessons
This mapping is more detailed oriented. Objectives are sequenced in more detail, broken down into individual skills required within the lesson presented.

Learning Hierarchies and Instructional Sequence
According to Gagne, when the proper sequence of prerequisite skills is established, intellectual skill instruction is easily managed by the teacher.

Knowledge-Based Sequencing
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