Sept-Oct 9th class notes

Topics: Culture, Cultural assimilation, Identity politics Pages: 9 (2421 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Week 1: Thursday September 4, 2014
Diversity: Reality, Concepts, History and Perspectives
Concepts and Reality of Diversity
Meaning of diversity
Difference (deviation from the ‘normal’ or ‘expected’) Variety (of something)
Cultural heterogeneity
Social inclusivenessNote: Commitment to diversity management is important. Reality of diversity
A changing world (different groups living together)
Aboriginal people’s demands (rights, political communities etc.) Quebec’s demands (nation status, not a province)
Racialized minorities’ demands (an inclusive Canada)
Government (re) actions: Canada responds to the demands of marginalized groups Good: A global pacesetter in diversity management
Citizen ship Acts: 1947, 1967
Bill of Rights: 1960
Constitutional Act (official multiculturalism): 1982
Charter of Rights and Freedoms: 1985
UN recognition for refugee programs: 1986
First Multicultural Act: 1988
One of the best places to live in terms of quality of life
Bad: Approach to diversity management- denying aboriginals the right to their land Creation of Canada, occupation of Aboriginal land, maltreatment of racialized minorities (Chinese, Japanese, Blacks, East Indians etc.) Poor evaluation of Canada (critics)

Lack of evaluation standards, practices, legislation on terrorism, subtle racism, exclusion of minority groups (i.e., employment) Discriminatory institutional structures
Reality of cultural diversity in Canada (and other contemporary societies) Recognition/inclusion (rhetoric or reality?)
We ‘talk the walk’ but we do not ‘walk the talk’
Significance of ‘walking the talk’
Canada is a diverse society (2006 consensus data)
Race and ethnicity influence intergroup dynamic/relations (shared history and culture Mobilization of people with similar ideas and feelings
Justification of action/inaction towards groups
Labeling people for convenience
Models/approaches to intergroup/ diversity management
Genocide- Elimination/ disappearance of groups (tribal hatred), used by political elites to facilitate governance Assimilation- Absorption of one group into another, the reality is multiple identities exist Segregation/separation- forced/voluntary physical separation, top-down approach to management (forced), interaction in the market place Integration- Bringing together dominant and subdominant groups, interaction of individuals and groups at all institutional levels, intended to provide subdominant groups equal opportunities, adjustment of both groups. Desegregation (obstacles) and integration Male dominance

Cultural dominance
Preference for civic integration
Confusing concepts (Integration, civic incorporation, acculturation, multiculturalism, adaptation, cultural mixing) One’s original identity remains
Pluralism- Acceptance of difference, a unified society is possible Colour/culture blind (equality before the law)
Colour/culture conscious (equal treatment, recognition of difference) Types: Multiculturalism, biculturalism, multinationals
Diversity: reality, concepts, history and perspectives
Theoretical explanations:
Dominant sociological approach
Focuses on different, but interrelated parts
Resists change/ disruption and prefers consensus, cooperation and control Favors assimilation model
Two groups (or more) work hand-in-hand
Justifies why each part is relevant
Assimilation would lead to consensus
Conflict theory
Focuses on inequality, competition and conflict
Acknowledges conflict, consensus and cooperation as features of society Use of peaceful and violent means of control
Types: Feminist, Marxist and internal colonialism
Need change
Symbolic Interaction
Negotiation of relationships through interaction based on one’s understanding of the situation Definition and redefinition of situations (dynamic)
Type: Collective definition of reality
Week #2 Thursday September 11, 2014
Historical Explanations and Perspectives on Diversity
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